Hands For Hire

Hands For Hire is a program of WOW In-Sync, Inc. that offers Community Access services for adults who are not immediately seeking a time limited employment program. HFH supports a diverse participant base in a variety of services, which also include prevocational training and supported employment.

The program is built around a person centered philosophy that emphasizes connecting each individual it serves with his or her surrounding community.  By offering a diverse selection of specialty programming, including clubs and one on one training, Hands For Hire finds unique ways to meet the needs of its participants.

Quick Facts:

  • Serves just over 100 adults at two locations (DeKalb and Fayette County, GA)
  • Serves adults funded through the NOW and COMP waivers, as well as State Grant in Aid
  • Services offered between 8:30 AM and 1:30 PM (2:30 on Wednesdays) Monday through Friday.  Weekend and after hours services are scheduled with advance notice to individuals and families.
  • Employs a diverse, creative, and energetic staff to act as leaders for the people they serve.  Direct support staff members are first aid and CPR certified.
  • Maintains a robust daily community schedule, with emphasis on maximizing each individual’s time and activities out in the community
  • Builds relationships with community mentors and volunteers who participate in training, education, creative activities, and more.

Customized Plans and Supports

Hands For Hire emphasizes community access services, in order to promote lifelong learning, exposure to community offerings and events, life skills training, along with a component of prevocational training.

Some individuals may choose an increased emphasis on prevocational training while maintaining a solid focus on community access services.  Others still may opt for increased work prepardeness and volunteer opportunities in order to build an individualized work plan geared towards job inclusion in the community.  No matter the specific focus or emphasis of an individual’s supports, HFH works hard to develop a full circle of supports and to help all who participate achieve increased effectiveness in their local communities.

Clubs and Community Mentors:

HFH offers clubs as a way of increasing choices for participants in certain special topics.  Clubs facilitate more opportunities for participants to visit their community.  In addition to spending more time in the community, the clubs provide chances for more interaction with various community members and more chances for each individual to be actively involved.  Hands For Hire’s clubs include: Book Club, Bowling Club, Career Club, Cooking Club, Dog Club, Music Club, PE Club, Sports Fan Club.

Community Mentors are local and regional professionals, experts, and volunteers in a variety of fields and topics who assist with specialized training and activities, including clubs.  These mentors enable a more personalized connection to the community and increased chances for hands on access, both at WOW and out and about in the local area.

Hands For Hire is in the process of further growing its mentor pool, and offering opportunities for participants to enjoy both one on one and group sessions with the mentors of their choosing, both as a part of club activities and other unique supports which are in development.

Furthermore, connection with mentors allows for increased customization in scheduling and locations, depending on topics of training and/or types of activities.  These may include visits to local non-profits, local business, sporting events, cultural and artistic festivals or exhibitions, concerts and performances, targeted retail settings, and much more.  Check back soon for lots more about upcoming programming offerings from WOW In-Sync!

Outings are available during primary hours of business operations as well as late afternoons following regular service hours and on Saturdays, depending on personal schedules.  In these instances, mentors provide personal transportation for participants, which often increases the options of community locations for training, as well as enabling participants to access their immediate communities surrounding their places of residence.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t see your question below, please feel free to contact us at your convenience.

Q: Is HFH a Staffing agency?

A: No, in short. We serve adults with developmental disabilities in order to support them in achieving success in their communities. Although we do assist in job placements for both HFH and Simply Biz participants, we do not provide traditional staffing services for the general public.

Q: How can I apply, or how can a family member attend HFH?

A: Please be sure to apply for Georgia Medicaid Waiver Services through the Department of Community Health…Hands For Hire participants are generally funded through Medicaid, unless a family does not qualify and opts for self pay.  To maintain efficient intake services, we do not publish online applications.  You may contact our offices at 770-939-1100 to discuss the application process and schedule an appointment.  We will help you to navigate funding resources and we are happy to answer any and all questions.

Q: Is HFH a sheltered workshop?

A: No! HFH offers community supports and offers a wide range of individualized service plan options that has each particpant on the go, engaged in a variety of activities, and spending many hours out in the community beyond our facility.

Q: I’d like to volunteer my time/expertise, how do I get involved?

A: Be sure to click the “Get Connected” link in our top menu for many ideas as to how you can be involved. And please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or ideas!

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